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Make a Donation


Langford Aboriginal Association is in its sixteenth year of serving the Aboriginal community in the City of Gosnells area. We have been fortunate enough to receive support from several government, non-government organisations and, the community.

The support we have received has been through our members, volunteers, government and many individuals throughout the community who believe in the work we do. Their belief is that LAA is a cause worth supporting and, have an understanding of the importance of community connectedness.

Even though most of our services are funded by federal, state and local government funding, there are other things we do that are entirely funded by donations and fundraising events.

Currently, we urgently need funds to help deliver programs and services that empower, upskill and connect our community. This is important to help bridge the gap in services for the Aboriginal communities in Perth.

I am writing to ask you to consider making a donation to Langford Aboriginal Association. Alternatively, you may know someone to whom you can pass this request on to. Every dollar raised will be used by LAA to deliver free community programs and events as a community service to those in need. All donations over $2 are tax deductible and a tax invoice will be supplied.

You can make a donation by:

  • Completing the donation form attached and returning it to us;
  • Sending a cheque to us; or
  • Depositing funds directly to our bank account.
  • Cooperate Donation form

Any donation would make an enormous difference to our organisation and community.


Kind regards,

Allison Fillery